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Departments in the College of Humanities



The Department of Communication at the University of Utah is a top department in the field of communication, with an award-winning faculty, outstanding doctoral, master's, and undergraduate programs, and state-of-the-art facilities. It is highly ranked in critical theory, cultural studies, ecology, law, popular culture, race and ethnicity, and rhetoric (ComAnalytics). With five cutting-edge research areas—critical/cultural studies; environmental, science, and health communication; interpersonal communication; digital media; and rhetoric—the Department is committed to excellence across the full range of communication research and teaching, offering top-notch Ph.D., M.A., M.S., B.A., and B.S. degrees, as well as three undergraduate sequences and three post-baccalaureate certificate programs.

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The English Department aims to provide an exceptional education in English literature and culture. English students master the skills of advanced literacy—critical thinking, clear communication, creative expression—that are vital for a successful career and a full life. We offer a wide range of courses in literature, media studies, and creative writing. Our advanced degrees in literary studies and creative writing provide students a strong foundation for their academic and creative projects.

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History provides the intellectual and entrepreneurial tools to thrive in a world that is highly specialized and globally interconnected. Students develop the ability to write well and to interpret complex information. They can offer creative solutions to challenging problems, handle ambiguity, and work across cultures—and those are just some of the many learning outcomes that benefit history graduate and undergraduate students. Our prize-winning and internationally-recognized faculty educate students for 21st century careers. Alumni work in business, technology, journalism, law, museums, medicine, libraries, government, politics, education, and countless other areas.

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The Department of Linguistics at the University of Utah is committed to advancing the understanding of human language in the service of local, national, and global communities. We accomplish this (1) by conducting cutting-edge research on language structure, acquisition, and processing and (2) by preparing students to achieve personal and professional goals equipped with the knowledge and skills developed through the study of linguistics.

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The Department of Philosophy offers a well-balanced program in the major areas of Philosophy and has particular areas of strength in Applied Ethics (including Bioethics, Legal Ethics, Environmental Ethics and Business and Professional Ethics), Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Social Science, Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Practical Reason, Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy, International Justice and Early Modern Philosophy.

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World Languages and Cultures

 The Department of World Languages & Cultures is the largest and most diverse in the College, culturally and programmatically. Our programs and courses offer multiple opportunities for undergraduate and graduate study in language, literature, culture, and language education. All foreign languages and their respective literatures at the University of Utah are taught in the Department, which provides students with a forum for research and education in more than 20 linguistic and literary traditions.

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Writing & Rhetoric Studies

The Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies (formerly the University Writing Program) was created in 1984 to ensure that students understand the forms and processes used by successful college-level writers, and that they continue to mature as writers in undergraduate and post-college settings. We offer a range of carefully developed undergraduate writing classes ranging from general courses in academic writing at the first-year college level to seminars in discipline-based and professional writing and rhetoric for upper-division students.

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Last Updated: 8/19/21